How Do You Select Your Paint Color?

If you plan to paint the indoors of your house, you might encounter the first difficult question that will pop up in your mind: “What colors should I utilize to my exterior and interior walls?” If you are still unsure about where to start, we’ve listed here some of our recommendations and tips so that you can guarantee that the colors you will choose are the best option you can get:

Begin with an existing piece

As you choose paint colors, particularly the palettes for your interior, the best thing you can do is to look for an existing piece that you ultimately want. It could be a part of natural wood, a piece of your bedspread, or a piece of art. With this piece, you can then ask questions, such as what colors can highlight its characteristics, what paint matches it, or what color can match it the most. This can help you determine what shades or color palette you want to achieve in your home.

Utilize the color wheel

Basically, a color wheel is a tool that displays which colors contrast or complement each other. It is a perfect means of guaranteeing that you won’t be selecting colors that look great for now but brings out the worse once incorporated with other things. Even painting projects and casual renovations must use the color wheel to determine efficient choices and prevent having some mistakes

Go neutral if unsure

Usually, neutral colors are the best options for almost all paint color for indoor since they highlight other aspects found in a house. This includes murals, carefully selected furniture, wood floors, aesthetic countertops, and much more. Neutral colors such as creamy shades, soft whites, and grays can improve them without pulling too much attention. Moreover, they usually look beautiful under natural lighting.

Find some simple monochromatic selections

Monochromatic color palette indicates selecting one base color, and then utilizing some various shades according to that particular color—some darker and some lighter. This enables you to utilize lighter or darker colors in a specific place in your home as your guarantee that everything is matched.

Never select a lot of colors

You have to keep in mind that there are a lot of homes that have existing furniture or focal points to draw attention to. Using a lot of colors for your home could make it seem extremely confusing, cluttered, and totally unappealing to look at. The eye cannot fix where exactly to look. Hence, it is recommended for you to select 2-3 colors max in a specific area.

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